Local Alternative Investing Credit Institute

The mission of LAICI ( Local Alternative Investing Credit Institute ) is to educate investors seeking fruitful and productive sources of alternative revenue streams. Whether the financial opportunities are venture capital funds, derivatives, hedge funds, P2P loans, or purely private equity- LAICI's goal is to provide the investment research necessary for successful interaction with the investment world.

Due to the relative uncertainty of nontraditional investments, the LAI Credit Institute deems it necessary to explore unexploited revenue streams to ensure self-generated income which is allowed to reach full potential. Non-performing assets, wasteful traditional loans, and risky business initiatives are red flagged and avoided to ensure the success of our communities' investors. In partership with the ASQA, we have access to very accurate financial models and some of the world's brightest quantitative analysts.

In short, the Local Alternative Investing Credit Institute exists to educate investors, to explore unexploited profit, and to thrive financially. We welcome your questions and/or inquiries.